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The pictures on this site were ones I found via internet searching and so have no idea who the authors are to ask permmission for use. If there are ANY issues with the picutres being used they will be removed.
In addition i have HORRIBLE spelling so please excuse any spelling or gramatical errors you find, but if you let me know i’ll try and fix it.

May 16, 2009
First game session today. Did the Blog while it was fresh in my mind although it will be added to as I get feedback from my players on their perspectives and events that should be noted.

May 15, 2009
Added a whole lot of regional information including pages for the “known world” and the major cities in the region including uploading a worldmap. I used the Krynn world map and added a bunch of markers to it to provide some context. While I have no intention of running a dragonlance game i MAY abduct the world for my own use.

May 14, 2009
I set the site up today and got all the basic pages up and running. I’m still adding content to the NPC’s and adding the PC’s as I am able. So far this Obsidian Portal looks like it’s going to be worth it’s weight in gold… and not the light DND kind of gold either. For navigation purposes I have added a site navigation menu on every page I was able to edit.

A Blazing Sunrise

Sunrise cyclone72