A Blazing Sunrise

Chapter 1 Session 1
And so it begins...

Four Individuals from 4 very different upbringings are our main cast…
Keith, the talkative half-elf mage. Always ready with the polite thing to say and a joke… unless theres a rabbit around in which case he’ll try and make it dinner.
Kylee, a feral shifter always looking for fun but sometimes “plays” a little rough.
Dercel, a haughty elven priestess quick with the veiled insults but to those she calls friend a stalwart companion.
and Keenna, an Aztec shifter princess with her companions Keyesh, a lepoard, and her tribes spirit guardian.

These four had individualy (or as a duo in the case of Keith and Dercel) had worked for Lord Talmont doing odd jobs here or there. Mundane tasks mostly, fetch my taxes, escort my goods, etc. nothing fancy but then his mine stopped shipping it’s ore back to Fairwater and his runners didn’t return so he needed to be sure the situation would be resolved. It was also a convinient testing gound to see if the four could work together as well as apart.

The four arrived for dinner at Lord Talmont’s Keep… This led to some interesting events when a feral shifter AND a beast-master shifter arrived. Lord Talmont started the evening off right as was only proper of his station, especialy when entertaining not one but TWO representatives of their peoples (Dercel for the elves and Keenna for the shifters) but before long talk turned to buisness. The four initialy accepted the assesment of the mine’s problems at no cost to Lord Talmont but after some prodding Keenna was able to set the stage for some reconisance of the nearby Cristyne Isle and left the door open for potential talks on expanding her peoples territory to include it. Dercel on the other hand was able to aquire consideration on a discounted rate for the purchase of Residium should Lord Talmont find himself with any.

These two very serious conversations were punctuated by Keiths polite comments and a MASSIVE sugar rush from desert from Kylee which involved a bell, an angry butler, and a Goliath “playing” with Kylee to wear her out… which he did eventualy, only a few cuts and bruises to show for it to!

The next morning the quartet departed to head to the Fairwater Iron Mine the first day was quiet passing through the Fairwater farmlands and surrounding areas that had been mostly settled. The second day of the trip started miserably with the rain comming down hard. Keenna and her compainions lightened the mood a little with a rousing game of “tag” which Kylee attempted to get involved in. Moments after being tagged IT however they realized they were not alone. A shout of “HEADS UP!” from Keith was just in time as a group of wolves lept from the grasses a few scant feet from an ambush position. Keysha smelling the rampant illness on them growled a warning to Keenna and removed herself from the fight not wanting to sully herself with their desiesed flesh.

The wolves surrounded the group quickly with a pair of Dire Wolves slowly approching from the north and south to cut off escape. A few moments later a potentialy bad situation turned itself around with a well placed fireball from Keith and a handfull of bone darts from Kylee 6 of the wolves went down with little more than a whimper. Then the Worg arrived. Spears and magic flowed freely from the quartet and soon the only things standing were a severely injured Dire Wolf and the Worg. Thinking better of it’s ambush the Worg attempted to flee and the Direwolf was dispatched by Keena. Dercel seeing his chance drew his bow and with a quick prayer to Melora loosed an arrow high into the sky and where it fell so to did the Worg.

When they arrived at the Fairwater Iron Mine it was completely deserted after inspection it appeared that the miners had simply up and vanished… the only sign that something was amiss were some small blood drops on the miners pillows leading into the mine. Upon approach however the mine was radiating a great deal of cold. Dercel requested the aid of Melora and she choose to grant the ability to ignore the cold for a time and they entered the mineshaft. Nothing appeared amiss just like the rest of the camp until they came to the newest of the tunnels and like some kind of strange explosion, ice covered the walls and floors radiating outward from somwhere deeper within.

Kylee snuck ahead and was able to spot the culprits for the ice and warn her companions of this prior to being discovered. There were undead here.. alot of undead at least 10 on first count several of whom appeared to be generating this aura of cold. They also appeared to be the remains of what used to be the miners, still picking at the walls on occassion when their undead synapses reminded them they should be mining.

With a shout for Meloras aid Dercel ran into the room and blasted the undead with the radiance of his god and 8 fell in the first few moments of the fight. as Dercel looked down the hall behind the room however 7 more skeletons looked back and their obvious leader a three headed skull lord. Within a few moments the two remaining zombies in the room were dispatched and a stalemate rapidly developed with the skull lord holding one chamber, raising his fallen as fast as they could be felled, and the other by our quartet.

Two things then happened that changed the combats progression. The first was Keith summoning a fiew warrior and charging down the hallway. The second was the skull lord sending a single skeleton deeper into the mine… presuably for reinforcements. The combat progressed swiftly with Keith being saved by Dercel at the last possible moment from a frozen grave with a well timed holy word. With the skull lord and his minions defeated they rested a moment to catch their breath before heading deeper into the mine to find the “reinforcments” and just as they were getting their wind back the laughing started.

Quietly at first but growing in intensity and getting rapidly closer. The kind of laugh no human mouth can make and then it just stopped and the Laughers came into view. They were 5, 4 were deformed things that might once have been human but had stared to long into the abyss and were changed by it. Two had four arms with a dagger in each hand, one was a huge brute with a great sword larger than he was, all teeth and muscle, the last was an obese creature, slow and ponderous but with a dangerous and malicious glint in it’s eyes. They were lead from the rear by the cause of the whole mess. A very large and very angry Oni night-haunter.

Upon hearing the laughter the quarter took up positions of steath and ambush waiting for their foes. They had not expected an Oni and it’s foulspawn minions however. The foulspawn bezerker charged headlong down the hallway seeking the foes that had destroyed it’s masters minions, to late did it realize the ambush and was nearly cut down by Keenna and Kylee. The Oni and the Grue approched with haste but caution seeing what had happened to the bezerker, the manglers took up covered positions near the hall that they might better assualt in the comming battle. Spells were slung and spears raised but the Oni closed and unleashed it’s hypnotic breath catching the whole party in it’s blast… their minds held firm to it.. or at least appeared to… The grue sensing weakness in one of it’s masters prey turned the full force of it’s psycic abilities on Kylee, who was also (unbeknownst to the party) under the effects of the foulspawn bezerkers mind warping aura. Defensively Kylee swung out at her attackers she percived were surrounding her and stuck a mighty blow to one, what Kylee did not know was that she had just stabbed Keysha, Keenna’s animal companion. The sevearly injured bezerker kept swining that great sword seemingly unkillable until in a fit of insight Kylee took the last bit of life from it and was freed from her mental torment.

The Foulspawn fell quickly after that, one by one, without their bezerker they had limited defense againt the quartets considerable force of arms and magic. The Oni seeing it’s minions slowly dwindleing and it’s chances growing slimmer and slimmer it vaporized and fled out into the world. Dercel and Keith gave pursuit while Kylee and Keenna finished off the last of the foulspawn. Screaming insults and provocations including “Dwarves are smarter than you” from Dercel and “You have no riches your people are going to laugh at you! You’re no Oni!” from Keith, to try and get the Oni to turn and fight was to no avail, a perk of being a gas and outside is it could go up where as it’s pursuers could not. The mine cleared of seemingly all hostile activity they began the trip home to Fairwater to report to Lord Talmont their findings and the state of the mine.


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