Bishop Ivan

Fairwaters resident clergy


Class: Cleric

Known abilities: Ritual Caster Access to spells of at least 5th level

Suspected abilities: Access to spells of at least 10th level


Bishop Ivan has served Pelor and the populace of Fairwater for longer than anyone knows. Best guess is that he has been here as long as Fairwater has. He serves the church and the people everyday running services every sunday and a non-denominational service twice a month. He is known to have a fondness for flowers and daisies but he keeps to himself mostly prefering the simple fare of prayer and contomplation.

He stands a little over six feet and weighs in at perhaps 130lbs soaking wet with armor on. When he is listening to people, which is most of the time, he is absolutely still only rarely blinking or breathing. His coloration is a bleached white skin with a grey sunburst pattern where his hair should be. In his full regalia he is a sight to behold with spotless robes and a small pair of golden wings.

Bishop Ivan

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