Lord Talmont

Benificent ruler of fairwater


Combat related abilities are unkown


At five foot eight with little in the way of muscle the more martialy inclined sometimes wonder why Talmont rules Fairwater. Then his skills in rulership, diplomacy, and manipulation come out and they forget all about their objections.

Always ready with a quick smile and witty debate Lord Talmont is well loved through out the region. He is occassionaly harsh with his rulings but he always has the good of the whole in mind. At least thats the story his advisor gives. It always seems to work out for the best in the end however.

Lord Talmont has recently begun procuring the services of a group of persons nearby for some “special assignments” through his advisor. He always ensures they get paid fairly for their assistance but the he dosen’t pay more than he must.

Lord Talmont

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