House Rules

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House rules

1) If people can’t show we still play. If this occurs your character will “mysteriously” be abducted by a portal only to spit you out when you are able to attend again where ever the MAJORITY of the party is. If it’s in a fight to bad for you.

2) If your character dies when you are not able to attend that day there is a gentlemans agreement that a helpful passerby will be able to rez them.

3) All characters will start with a free feat from the below list:
  1. Alchemy
  2. Weaponcrafter
  3. Armorsmith
  4. Bowyer/Fletcher
  5. Similar crafting skill here
How they work:
Taking a cue from the alchemy feat in adventurers vault. They all work thusly: You can make any basic item for 50% book price (assumes your buying the ingredients) 25% if you find the materials yourself. You can make the equivalent items with a +1 to +6 mod on it IF THE ITEM YOU WOULD MAKE IS THE SAME LEVEL OR LOWER THAN YOUR CHARACTER for book price, this means it is just well made with no magical properties but effectively gains the + to hit and damge as well as the crit bonus. You CONNOT make any other magic items without the meeting the following criteria: You have the ritual to make magic items OR you spend time and effort to go find APPROPRIATE parts from creatures to enchant the item with the effect you want. Items made this way also have NO MAGICAL PROPERTIES.

4) Because of these changes to crafting the enchant magical item ritual is also slightly changed… you get a 10% discount when making items and your not restricted with what you can enchant. (Armor, no problem, weapon, no problem, glue stick, no problem)

House Rules

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