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The story so far…
Many years ago the spell plauge ripped through the world and it’s effects are still felt to this day in the seemingly random though somewhat rare abductions of people only to be returned later from whence they left. There are legends that say the kingdom of Fairwater used to be but one small part of the world but after the spell plauge Fairwater was cut off from the rest of the world… now the Ergoth, Sancrist, Enstar, and Cristyne Islands are belived to be all that survived.

The characters have been working extensively for one Lord Talmont in the “kingdom” of Fairwater. I say “kingdom” and “lord” sort of toung in cheek since it’s more of a small town with a keep Lord Talmont lives in. He is a very fair, though sometimes harsh, ruler and looks to the good of all concerned before looking at the good of the individual with only rare exceptions. He has an exteemly limited military and as such tends to hire locals to perform most of his odd jobs.

Lord Talmonts second in command is an elven woman by the name of D’merin. She acts as his advisor and the main contact for those Lord Talmont needs to hire. She never tells anyone why she sought them out only requests service and arranges payment. She is well loved in Fairwater as she frequently takes time out of her day to assist people with various tasks that need doing, ranging from assisting the towns craftsmen to clearing fields for farmers.

Groups of Note:
The Crafters Guild:
The second most powerful entity in the region. Everything that gets done is done with their people. They have a yearly tithe they ask of all members of 2% of their yearly income. In return they are granted access to all guild facilities, which are very extensive, as well as access to lessons if a member would like to expand their repetoir of crafting knowledge. The guild also provides a store in fairwater where the craftsmen may sell their goods on consignment for a modest fee. They are also rumored to know where, and what, a whole host of “specialized” components are.

Folis Hammerhands: Female Dwarf, head of the Crafters Guild. Jovial, friendly. Is very boisterous but is known to have a wicked temper.
James Astar : Male Tiefling shopkeeper of the guild store. Polite, business like. Has been accused of skimming in the past but there was no proof.

Church of Pelor:
The church of Pelor is the ruling religious body in fairwater, the temple they erected in the center of town does however contain dedicated prayer areas to Moradin, Pelor, Bahamut, Corellon, Erathis, and Melora. It also has a non-demoninational prayer chamber.

Bishop Ivan : Male Deva, quiet, good listener. Ivan has been the bishop for AT LEAST 4 generations no one knows how old he is. Nice guy though.

Inn of the Robin’s roost:
The main inn in Fairwater. It has a small flock of robins that live in it’s rafters year round that provide a musical backdrop for some of the stage shows. It also serves as a wakeup call for guests at 8 AM on the dot every day. The do have rooms however that the songbirds voices don’t carry to, for a slightly higher fee of course.

Mary Broadjaw: Female Human, Barkeep and owner. Surly, strong. A particularly ugly woman who can brew the best beer in town and acts as her own bouncer.

Beer: 1s
Spirits: 2s
Wine: 5c/glass
Good wine: 3s/bottle
“special reserve” wine: 1g/glass
Other drinks: 5c Includes: milk, tea, or juice

Food: 5s (includes one beer)
Monday-Thursday: beef and potato stew.
Friday: roast chicken and potatos
Saturday: choice of Pork or Lamb steaks with a side of carrots and parsnips
Sunday: whatever wasn’t eaten on satuday or rabbit stew

Sir Aukan: Male Goliath. Competitive, friendly. At a little over 8 feets Aukan is hard to miss.. he is also the captain of the town guard.
Nala Burningbreath: Female dragonborn. efficient, Rude. Nala is the town doctor. She is extremely to the point and somewhat rude if bothered.
Sariel Akasi : Female Eldarin. Creepy, kind. Sariel is the resident soothsayer. They are known to be a little errie but horribly accurate.

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