Norther Ergoth

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The northern most Island in the Ergoth Islands. It is also the more densly populated thanks to the region of Fairwater. It’s western coast is prodominantly grass and farmland with a few towns and villages scattered across it. most notably Fairwater and it’s surrounding farming communities.

The center of the island is dominated by the Ergothian mountains which spread almost the full length of the Ergoth island chain. While there are very few settlements the area is rich in mineral wealth if a little dangerous due to the roaming Orcs and their goblinoid kin.

To the east of the mountains is heavily forested region with a few settlements of it’s own though the region tends to be somewhat standoffish with the rest of the island. Because of this trait the area is looked at with some distrust by the rest of the islands inhabitants.

The Southern eighth of the island is a desert for most of the year. There are a few times however when rain makes it to the desert and it blooms into life for a few short weeks. A blessing for it’s nomadic inhabitants.

Norther Ergoth

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