Darsiel is skilled in fast and power heals to deffend the wild and the party members who she travels with. She uses quick deadly attack arrows at range to support striker like attacks when needed. Being Elf , has the advantage of fast movement and shifting in the heat of combat.

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Born from the High Elf city of Qualia La’shanthra, Darsiel is a only child in a very noble familty of Leth Vethurne. She been raised to follow both the elvish ranger and cleric trainning. Her father being a high ranger lord for the city wants darsiel to follow the familty traditions but darsiel’s heart wants to follow her mothers path on being a cleric for melora. Torn between both her mother and father and the fact of being a only child, she decided to trained both ranger and cleric disiplines. Darsiel wants to please her father so much, this why she trained in arts of the wild and archery, but deep down inside her heart follows the nature god of melora. Being torn between both the divine and martial belief, she took a role of being strong and firm like a oak tree to her elvish roots, and loyal to deffence those who need her help form the divine path she follows of melora..

Darsiel deep inside is a soft hearted lady of the elves, but she knows her elvish roots, her father’s trainning and must keep the strong and firm persona. She wants to show her father she is devoted to her family nobility, her elvish heritage and deadication to ones place in the wild of the forest. Darsiel’s has allways related to her mother better, her mother was one of love of the wild, listen to the wild and heal the wild. Thus she will allways talk open with her mother but never with her father. Darsiel did not have much time or freinds, being of a noble elf, there was more to do and learn than time for friends, thus her freind is the wild, and will protect the wild no matter what, even if she meets other races, she will help those to protect her elvish roots and wild where she came from..

She did not leave the home on the best of terms with her father, she spoke to him of melora, what melora wish’s of darsiel to do to protect and heal the wild. her father did not want darsiel to leave, wanted her to stay and train more archery and ranger skills, then take a station of noble deffence of the city. Darsiel with words courage from her mother left the city to learn more of the wild, follow her divine faith of melora. She told her father that this is my heart, this is the path i need to take but i will show to you that i am warrior of elvish roots, and will still continue learning my skills be a hunter in the wild. Her father did not say much more just a few words of things you need to know when you leave for the wild and come home when you are ready.

Darisel left her home with the direction of melora and what she must do and the strong, firm oak tree noble elvish blood taught to her by her father. Being of both cleric and ranger skilled, will have darsiel make the hard choice when the time is near to devote fully to melora or continue the path her father wishs to become a hunter and deffender of here noble elvish city.


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